Can anyone tell me…..

Now I know it’s a busy time of year but I certainly didn’t think it was 10 days since my last post. I would have thought as my girls got older I’d be less busy at this time of year but no such luck. I’ve ended up with more school commitments (partly due to P & C and others are just basic end of school year things), I left Christmas shopping till 2 weeks ago as I had no idea what to get them but am very proud to say I did 90% of it in 3 hours on one day (but am still yet to wrap anything), then of course there are more social functions happening too. Not that I attend a lot but as you know we had our Team Christmas dinner and then that same weekend I had a neices’ 21st Birthday and of course my Summer Mini/SU Business Launch. That was one full weekend but I survived.

The following weekend was my regular fortnightly Friday night stamp night and this year we decided to have our own Christmas Party. We did Kris Kringle gifts but made it non-stamping items for the gift and everyone had to bring a plate of food suitable to the Christmas theme. I decided to make a Truffle Tree so my Friday was full on. It started with me making a start on the truffles (some needed to be mixed and then left for a few hours before rolling into balls), to my pool man turning up to fix a leak with our chlorinator and in the process soaking me, getting redressed as I needed to attend a Gold Plus Award Assembly followed by Sausage sandwich lunch with my 11 year old daughter, to coming home to make more truffles, then school pick up, straight to the swim school to have my girls assessed for classes next year, then back to finish the truffles. Decided amongst all that that dinner would be take out. Something had to give.

Anyway, would you like to see my finished Truffle Tree??

I have made the truffles before but never constructed it into a tree so there are a few spaces I would have filled up a little more. Unfortunately I didn’t have any thin gold ribbon to add as that would have added an extra touch and filled those bare patches up a little. The truffles I made were Coffee Liqueur (Tia Maria), Almond Truffles (Amaretto) and Orange Truffles (Cointreau). I still have enough left for Christmas so I’m really glad they store well….. I’m sure my mum will have a few.

I’ll be back in a little while to finally share some of my Secret Santa Gifts from our Team Christmas Party.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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