Secret Sister is on again.

This is my 3rd Round of Secret Sister with fellow demonstrators from ESAD-SU. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will already know that I can’t share my projects I’ve made for my partner until after the reveal, just in case they visit my blog, however I can share what I receive. This round is from March – May. We are going to try and have our final gifts to our partners before they head off to Convention so that way we can thank our partners in person if they are attending Convention. Convention is being held in Sydney this year and is on the 21st & 22nd May.

The requirements of the swap is that for the first 2 months, so March and April, you send 2 cards & 1 handmade gift each of those months. For the 3rd month we need to send 2 cards plus a package of SU goodies to a certain value.

Today I’m sharing my March items that I/we received. You’ll find out why I wrote I/we shortly…..

First up I received this lovely card from my Secret Sister.

We fill in a questionnaire prior to the swap commencing which is then given to our partners so they have some idea of what we like. Mine said that I loved Fifth Avenue Floral.

For my 2nd card and gift my Secret Sister spoilt ‘us’ rotten. I say ‘us’ like the ‘we’ above as not only did she send something for me but she sent gifts for my 4 daughters and my husband too. On the last day of March the parcel delivery man turned up with this rather large box. I didn’t have time to open it but I also wanted to leave it till my girls were all home as they love seeing what’s in it as much as I do. We had swimming on after school that day so I wasn’t able to open it till around 6pm but that meant my hubby was home too.

Can you imagine our surprise when we opened up the box, unwrapped things from the tissue paper to discover all this…..

There was an Easter package for all of us. My Secret Sister has definitely gone above and beyond here but it was very much appreciated by us all.

Along with the gift also came my 2nd card for the month.

Isn’t this so cute?

Thank you again Secret Sister if you are reading this. The eggs are now all gone, not that my some of them lasted long and I have your gift box and card on display still for all to see that visit me.  Hubby was totally amazed by the detail you put into the gift box and could see the time and effort put into the whole package for us all. He also wondered how you knew he like “Old Gold Dark Chocolate”….hahaha. I told him that wasn’t on the questionnaire……

Till next time….

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