Photo Coasters & Gift Box class

November 4, 2010 | 5 comments

Last week I held my Project Classes for October which was decorating a set of Photo Coasters and then making a coordinating Gift Box to present them in.


Coaster Box

Seeing I was holding this class at 3 separate times, I didn’t want to end up with 4 identical sets (my original + a demonstration one from each class), so I decided to use some of the other Greenhouse Gala DSP designs.

Coaster Box 2

For the first 2 classes I went with the same ‘other’ pattern but used a different base cardstock.

I’ve used Baja Breeze on one and Chocolate Chip on the other. When stamping the images for the Photo Coasters I stamped 2 in Chocolate Chip and 2 in Baja Breeze. Seeing there was only 3 colours in this paper (of course that doesn’t include the Whisper White) I thought it would look a bit odd if I did a coaster in each of the 3 colours and then doubled up on just one. I’ve used the Whisper White Satin ribbon for these 2 Gift Boxes.

For the final class I went with this print.

Coaster Box 3

I wasn’t sure how this one would look as it was a pattern I didn’t think I’d use much and didn’t want to end up with just this print left from every pack I buy. So I figured ‘why not use it and see’ and you know what I really like it.

Lots of colours in the print so I was able to do each of the coasters in a different colour. This time around I’ve used Pumpkin Pie Satin Ribbon. I’d have to say the Satin ribbons are a big favourite of mine and would already be my most used ribbon type.

So what do you think?? Do you have a preference??  Leave me a comment and let me know.

Till next time….


  1. Emma

    Wow Nicole this is such a brilliant idea!!!!! Great for teachers gifts etc!!! Where did you get the coasters from????

    • Nikki Stalker

      Hi Emma.

      I purchased the first set at the local discount shop and the rest I purchased on ebay. On at the right time and found 20 sets all up from the one seller. I have only seen individual sets on ebay other times. Another demo in the same team as me mentioned she’d seen them in Target. My local Target didn’t have them when I looked ( I looked all over for a bulk buy) but I haven’t looked recently so maybe that’s somewhere to try.

  2. Sandra

    These all look great Nikki! If I had to choose one that I like the best though I’d have to say the yellow one too. I don’t know what it is about that zig zag pattern but it looks like fun.

  3. Emma

    HI Nicole,

    Thank you for that info and thankyou for all your great ideas. You are one very inspiring and talented person!!!!!

  4. Sara

    Love this idea! I received a box of these coaster from one of my students. Wasn’t sure what I was going to use them for, now I know! Thanks for sharing!


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